About Us


Parkview has been a home school provider in Houston, Texas since 1994 as a ministry of Parkview Baptist Church in Louisiana. Parkview Baptist Church first formed a K-12 school in 1983 which evolved into a home schooling program as more and more families and students sought an alternative to traditional schools. Eleven years later, Parkview opened in Houston to provide the same educational opportunities to the Houston community through assisting families in home schooling.


Parkview is a private Home School Provider enabling parents to home school their children by offering home school programs and resources for students of ages 12 to 26 years old in grades 7 to 12. We supply the excellent faith-based A Beka curriculum for the core academic subjects (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) and the Morning Glory Press Teen Parenting Series. Beyond the books, Parkview provides tutoring and guidance, acting as a third party between the parent and the child, as well as administrative duties, record management, advice regarding curricular needs, and hosting an annual graduation ceremony.  We direct students and parents to the many community resources available in Houston to supplement their core studies, and, more importantly, to gain experience, confidence, and self-knowledge as they go forward with their education and life skills.

Home schooling provides a flexible and customizable solution where students have the opportunity for working or volunteering, graduating early, or getting caught up with their proper grade level if behind. Additionally, we provide academic advising while in school and on the options available after graduating.


Meet the Parkview Baptist School Administrators


Head Advisor

Tara Castellanos



Administrative Assistant

Adriana Garcia